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Throughout history, people who have made claims about their encounters and experiences with UFOs, Alien Encounters, Alien Abductions, Ghosts, Demons, Extraterrestrials, Bigfoot, Angels and other creatures / entities that live in a realm that is within the belief of the few and disregarded by the masses.

Yet, in a world that is becoming ever so smaller due to the communication ease of the internet, more and more of these claims are being made, gathering more attention, without proper investigation or proof. That was until now.

Coming soon on The 'X' Zone TV Channel (CH 21) on SimulTV, from Showrunner, Rob McConnell, is his new groundbreaking TV series, "PARANORMAL COURT TV" where claims of the paranormal are challenged, inestigated and presented to the worldwide audience... cases that paranormal believers have claimed for years would pass the ultimate test, a Court of Law.

In the Paranormal Court, those who make claims of their involvement and or witnessing paranormal events will have the ability to present their case to the worldwide radio, TV and internet audience, where the listeners and viewers will be the jury.

Upon the completion of the trial, after closing arguments, the presiding judge will then send the case to the jury - the listeners and viewers - where they will find the case that has been presented before them as - TRUE / REAL or FALSE / FICTION.

Real lawyers for the prosecution and defense.

Real Judges presiding over every case.

Real people are the Jurors.

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